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Supporting Cancer Research


OZZY is a family operated mission driven stake pool.

OZZY was set up in memory of our late father who sadly passed away from cancer in 2019. Our aim is to raise funds to help support the crucial research needed to help beat the fight against cancer. 

OZZY donate over 30% of pool income to cancer research UK. All donations made come directly from the pool owners income and do not affect delegators rewards.

We also plan to carry out charity events onchain to help raise further funds needed for the charity. Donations can been found on our Just giving page. Any updates or changes are shared in our discord and telegram channels, along with all other social media platforms.


Since December 2022 the OZZY community agreed that the pool should start donating ADA and not fiat, during the bear markets. Because of this a wallet containing the ADAhandle $cr_uk was created and all donations from December onwards can be found here.

We have also created a page for direct donations for those who wish. Either via your connected wallet or using a QR code shown on the Donate ADA page. All transactions can be traced and go directly to the $cr_uk wallet.